Nick Demopoulos


What is Dems Dem's Demos? Here is a translation for you:

Dems (those are, or thems) Dem's (Nick Demopoulos') Demos (Demonstration recordings). In short, Dems Dem's Demos is the record label belonging to musician Nick Demopoulos. Currently Dems Dem's Demos has three CD's in the catalog, but several more are planned for release in 2011. All the music in the present catalog has an association with Nick Demopoulos but there are hopes of branching out to other like-minded musicians and composers in the coming year.

Recordings produced by Dems Dem's Demos are not known for revisiting the past, but rather for creating the music of the future. Dems Dem's Demos recordings are beyond genres and classification, always offering a fresh and original vision.


Below there is a box where you can purchase a physical CD or a digital download. Click on the album cover and the corresponding tracks available will be shown. On this site you can link to other pages where our recordings can be purchased. Scroll down and click on the album cover you are interested in to access a link. Most all of our recordings are also available on iTunes,, and other major online outlets. Please enjoy the music and come back often.

New Exegesis CD, The Harmony of the Anomaly, released June 2011


Nick Demopoulos, guitar, Danton Boller bass and Tomas Fujiwara, drums plus many guest artists including vocalist Gretchen Parlato on "Maze of Death," and "Forgetting is Remembering."

The Order of Chaos, Exegesis' first release.
Harmonic Convergence, by Nick Demopoulos Quartet